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CSALT stands for Christian School Assembly Link Team.


Our team has been providing a valued service in supporting schools in Northamptonshire by conducting assemblies and RE lessons for the last 18 years.  The majority of the 80 or so schools currently supported are Primary Schools and these include both community schools and those with church (both Church of England and Catholic Church) associations.  A list of schools currently supported can be seen via this link and extracts from some commendations from senior staff are given below.  Nearly all of the new schools we link with are the result of staff moving to a school we didn’t visit and requesting that we support them at the new venue.

The assembly subjects covered can tie in with themes set by the school or be left to the team to decide.  In every case the subject will be delivered via a Bible, or Bible based, story and will not promote any particular denominational doctrine.  Various visual aids are used in presenting the stories varying from object lessons through a large ‘storyboard’ to computerised presentations. Topics covered in RE Lessons are as set by the school and have covered topics like ‘The Bible and how we got it’, ‘Christianity in Action’, ‘What we do at the Gospel Hall’ and we have also participated in Q & A sessions discussing ‘Christians and what they believe’. We also have presentations dealing with World War 1 and ‘Opportunities to help’ which outlines involvement with helping disadvantaged people in another country. If you have a subject you would like us to cover, or would like to visit the Gospel Hall to see what we do there as part of a lesson, please contact us (details below)

The team are also responsible for organising and running two exhibitions, both involve  a guided tour around the displays with a worksheet, followed by a quiz to reinforce what has been seen. One deals with “The Real Christmas Story” and is offered during November/December.  The other is a biennial “Bible Exhibition”. This is hosted for two weeks at the Spencer Bridge Road Gospel Hall. This is usually held in March and from the outset has proved incredibly popular with schools and has remained so over the last 17 years.  In the school context the exhibitions are targeted at Key Stage 2 pupils, ideally years 5 & 6, and the schools visit programme for the Bible event is usually oversubscribed as it was last time in 2017.

All members of the CSALT team are registered children’s workers with full DBS disclosures.

If you would like further details on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact Wyn Williams by email on or contact us via this website.

Head Teachers Commendation Comments:

Good evening

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but CSALT have been recommended to me on many occasions by various Head teachers and I wondered if you would have any availability to support us at Greens Norton CE Primary School with some occasional whole school assemblies. We generally meet for Collective Worship at 3pm every afternoon except Tuesdays and Fridays.

If this is something you think you could help us with I would welcome an email or phone call to discuss further and possibly book in some dates.

Thank you and kindest regards

Sue Marsh, Headteacher

The children and staff alike look forward to the visits. Wyn has a wonderful story telling voice which we could sit and listen to all day. A real highlight for us is the use of the large fuzzy felt board which is used as a stimulus for the Bible stories - the projector just will not do! Not only have Wyn and Denis supported us during assembly times, but they have given us a range of Christian books which are used in lessons, or as free reading by some of our pupils.

Jill Ramshaw,

Head, Weston Favell CEVA Primary School

Every year Mr Williams offers a planned series of assemblies for both KS1 and KS2, which are an integral part of our assembly programme. These assemblies all focus on stories from both the Old and New Testaments and enable the children to reflect on the teachings from the Bible and how these apply to their own lives. Mr Williams is warm, charismatic and completely engaging as a speaker. The children literally hang on his every word!

Furthermore, Mr Williams has shared his faith and understanding with our children with additional class visits to support the RE curriculum.  He has a wealth of knowledge and is a wonderful role model for our children to show how the Christian faith is central to people’s lives.

 Helen Mee

Assistant Head, Woodland View Primary School